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With so many homes in foreclosure and bank short sales available it is a great time for those with financial resources to find some bargains out there and flip a home for a tremendous return on investment. I know I have done it with the help of my partner Shawn Strathe and Mark Hellenack. We have taken advantage of the opportunities out there to identify, purchase, rehab and sell or rent properties in the Twin Cities Metro area. I am also lucky to have a brother and his wife in Colorado who are very successful real estate investors with several rental properties and ski condos.

If you are considering flipping or rehabbing a home here is how I can help...

I can estimate what your property might sell for/appraise for after you're finished or before you even purchase the property. This is based on the information you give me about the remodel, what materials you'll be using, location, style of home, and other details. Most importantly this will help you determine if it is a good project to take on before you waste your time and money. 

I can be your Realtor and help you find properties to flip or list your investment property at a price that will sell. Call me in as an expert and I can save you some time and aggravation and help you find a good home to flip or help sell your property quickly at a fair price. I might even be interested in purchasing your home as an investment.

I can put you in touch with bankers, private investors and contractors. I know several bankers that can help and private investors that can provide access to cash a lot quicker at a reasonable rate of interest or persentage of profit. I also know several contractors (plumbers, electricians, roofers, drywall and carpenters) that are dependable. So, if you help in this area, let me find someone you can trust.

Please contact me for more details about flipping and how I can help you at 952-457-4517 or email Zoe@ZoeListon.com


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